There are currently several vacancies on the management committee. We are actively trying to recruit people to fill these positions, currently without success. While it seems inconceivable that no-one will come forward to help oversee the running of the hall after May 2022, nonetheless the present trustees feel that this situation needs to be brought to the attention of all hall users. Any bookings made for any date after May 2022 are on the express understanding that these will be entirely dependant upon recruitment to these vacant posts.

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If you want a wedding location with extensive facilities, very attractive setting and the possibility of making it your own individual event at an affordable cost then Hutton Rudby Village Hall is the place for you. You can have the whole place for a whole weekend to set out and arrange just as you will. While we can supply support and advice, in essence it is your wedding and you decide what you want to do and who helps. Read on to learn about the possibilities

wedding room

Details of the rooms in the hall are given on the facilities page. It is up to you how you use them but some common arrangements are as follows:

Entrance and initial reception of guests in the Tarran room;   -entry from the Garden/playground area. This is a very attractive ‘Garden Room’ facility with magnificent views of the Cleveland hills. Some people offer a drink on entry here but some go into the Johnson room. The playgound immediately outside this room can be attractive for photographs and for groups with lots of children!

The adjacent Johnson Room is often used for the initial assembly of guests;   is also used as a ‘quiet room’ (Away from a noisy group in the main hall), a bar area, or somewhere to gather between the main wedding reception and the ‘evening do’.

wedding meal

The Main Hall is normally used for both the wedding reception and evening event including dancing;   While the room is attractive in itself it can be fitted with a full internal marquee and chandeliers and mirror balls etc . (See photo) The room can accommodate up to 120 seated at tables and up to 100 if a dance area is retained. There is a full stage available and access to sound and light systems.

The Leven room has been used as a children’s play room;   (even with bouncy castle !), as a food assembly or serving area or an overflow from the other rooms.

There is a fully equipped kitchen and coffee bar area and a small bar off the main Hall.
The Hall is fully equipped with adequate tables and chairs etc. It is normally the hirers responsibility to set up these as they wish but assembly and clear up facilities can be offered by the Hall Manager.