Operating Procedures

In 2027 Hutton Rudby Village Hall will celebrate it’s centenary. This page has been constructed to ease the transition from the current Chair and Operations group manager, who’s positions become vacant in May 2022, to their successors.
It includes guidance on their main administrative duties.
If you might have an interest in becoming a trustee you are warmly invited to contact the chair or any member of the management committee for an informal chat.

Links to relevant documents and websites are included in the text. Clicking on the link will open the document in a separate tab in your browser. Many will be downloadable if required.

An Introduction to the roles of Chair and Operations Group manager

to be read in association with Hutton Rudby Village Hall Organisational Structure

The village hall is a registered charity and submits an annual report and accounts to the charity commission. It is administered by a committee of trustees whose terms of reference are defined in the scheme, the current version dating from 2001.

The responsibilities of trustees are outlined in The Essential Trustee published by The Charity Commission.

Additional advice relating to village hall matters are available from a number of local organisations such as Community First Yorkshire and Acre, Action with Communities in England.


The chair and operations group manager are closely assisted by the secretary and treasurer in scheduling meetings, agreeing agendas and recording minutes.

The annual AGM tends to be held in May and precedes a trustees meeting
The AGM, which is open to the public, should be advertised on community notice boards around the village.
The primary functions of the AGM are to re-elect trustees for the following year and approve the annual report which is then uploaded to the charity commission website.
It is planned for minutes for AGMs, subsequent trustees meetings to be accessible on the village hall website.

Trustee meetings:
There are 3 – 4 trustees meetings scheduled throughout the year.

Ops group meetings:
The day to day running of the hall falls to the operations group which is chaired by the Ops group manager, usually a trustee, and attended by the secretary, booking secretary, hall manager and another seconded member of the trustees committee.
Agendas and minutes will be accessible on the website.

Regulatory Safety Checks

Maintaining a safe environment is a high priority. Compliance with certain regulatory inspections is mandatory. All relevant documentation is on file and upon request is available for inspection.


An annual inspection of the Fire alarm system, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers is performed by Wooleys and results are on file.

Since the Regulatory Fire Order 2005 fire safety including fire risk assessment has devolved to a responsible individual in the organisation, currently the ops group manager. This is based upon the format outlined in the government publication Fire Safety risk assessment small and medium places of assembly. This usually annual Fire Risk Assessment is posted on the website and is supplemented by additional weekly and monthly checks by the hall manager.


A general risk assessment for the hall is performed again latterly by the ops group manager and is based upon guidance from the health and safety executive. This risk assessment is occasionally requested by potential hirers and is posted on the website from which it is accessible to download


The hall underwent a fixed installation electrical check in October 2021. This is scheduled every three years.
Electrical testing of stage equipment was performed in October 2017 and is next due in October 2022.
The hall pocesses a calibrated PAT tester and the Hall Manager and Operations Group chairman have attended PAT testing training courses. Kitchen equipment is regularly tested and an extensive PAT testing of the lighting and sound equipment in the lighting box was completed in March 2019.



Maintaining the Play Area in a safe condition is the responsibility of the village hall trustees. The Hall Manager performs regular inspections and remedial work as required. The Parish Council fund an annual ROSPA inspection.


Car park maintenance is the responsibility of the village hall trustees.


The hall is fitted with an intruder alarm. Details of setup and configuration are on file. Activation of the alarm causes a short external siren to sound and then an automatic dialler phones programmed numbers so a member of the management team can attend, secure the building and reset the alarm.

The CCTV system is configured to permit remote monitoring as well as playback. Configuration details are on file.

Although the hall is a steel framed building, wi-fi access is good. The coverage in the back rooms has been improved by the location of a repeater over the stage. Powerline connectivity between the various rooms and the router is good and can be arranged for internet intensive presentations to ensure a more robust link.


The website www.huttonrudbyvillagehall.org.uk is a managed wordpress site hosted by go daddy. It was set up using code but most people now would edit using block editor or a website builder. Any change in administration would be a good opportunity to reconsider the design of the website perhaps with a view to redeveloping it using a website builder which makes subsequent editing so much easier.



Historically the hall was heated from an oil fired boiler. The boiler remains in service but in 2014 two biomass boilers burning wood pellets were installed. Installation costs were met by the hall but fuel costs are partly offset under the Ofgem Renewable Heat Initiative for non domestic buildings. Repayments will continue for 20 years from installation. Deliveries of pellets is scheduled by the hall manager and are logged, with proof of compliance with published Ofgem specifications. Three monthly returns are submitted by the authorised signatory who is registered with Ofgem, currently the ops group chair, and an annual declaration of compliance is completed.



Management of financial matters relating to hall maintenance and activities of users is the responsibility of the honorary treasurer who works closely with the booking secretary, hall manager and ops group chair and is supported by a small finance committee. The treasurer prepares an annual financial statement which is filed with the charity commission and is accessible via their website. In addition he prepares annual budgets based upon predicted and realised income for each year.


The booking secretary manages booking enquiries and bookings arising from regular user groups as well as one off bookings from other users. Working closely with the treasurer, the post involves raising bi monthly bills for regular bookers and invoices for each let. Weekly activity lists are generated and posted in the hall and on the website. Arrangements to open the hall for hirers when necessary are shared with the hall manager. Hiring fees are posted on the website from which booking forms are downloadable and once completed can be returned electronically. Bookings diaries and invoice generation are produced using a proprietary software package, Avalon Bookings Manager, run on a laptop. Users are requested to make payments electronically if possible.