Garden Club


The committee has decided to act on suggestions from the membership. Please, where possible, would all member attendees wear masks for the meeting and be fully vaccinated. The Johnson Room will be well ventilated and seating spaced appropriately. Doors and some windows will be open, and so the room temperature may be less warm than is usual.

The Garden Club meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm in the Johnson Room.
Each month we invite an expert to speak on a variety of gardening topics and we organise a number of garden outings.

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Wednesday 8th September
Michael Myers ‘Low maintenance and wild flower gardens’

Wednesday 13th October
Jill Cunningham: ‘Fungi – their nature and functions’.
Jill is a mycologist from Darlington. She will bring samples and pictures and invites members to keep an Autumn eye open in woods and fields for contributions to the discussion.

Wednesday 10th November
Chris Small: ‘Winter colour in the garden’.
Chris runs Orchard Nurseries’, Stockton on the Forest, nr York. Expect a selection of plants for sale.

Wednesday 8th December
Christmas Special
Simon Cross: ‘The healing power of gardens: horticulture as therapy’.
Simon is from Northdale Horticulture, nr Northallerton.

Wednesday 19th January
North Yorks Rotters: Composting
A return of the North Yorks Rotters, with the latest advice on extending home composting, and reducing the volume of waste we discard.

Wednesday 9th February
Martin Fish, details to follow.

Wednesday 9th March
Jim Moody, “Propagation – multiply your plants’
An illustrated talk and demonstration. You will be invited to bring some samples of plant material for advice on procedures.

Wednesday 13th April
David Lis, Oswaldkirk. ‘National Gardens Scheme for Yorkshire.’
David organises the National Gardens Scheme for Yorkshire. He will outline the scheme, with examples, and with special emphasis on the fine garden at Havoc Hall, Oswaldkirk, the home of David himself and his wife Maggie.
There will be a Club visit there on the afternoon of Thursday 16 June.

Committee membership:
Chairman: Ron Pearce
Deputy Chair: John Kay
Treasurer: Jean Noble
Programme Secretary: George Reid
Publicity: Su Reid and Mike Toogood.
RHS Liaison: Jean Holmes
Refreshment coordinator: Jenny Bromley