Garden Club


The Garden Club meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm in the Johnson Room.
Each month we invite an expert to speak on a variety of gardening topics and we organise a number of garden outings.

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A Taster of the 2018-19 Programme

Wednesday 12th September:
Registration followed by the AGM.
Speaker: Nigel Harrison Horticulural Consultant.
‘Down to Earth’- the basis of good gardening.

Wednesday 10th October:
Speaker: Stella Exley Hare Spring Cottage Plants, Alne.
‘Hardy perennials, camassias, and tales of Chelsea’.
Stella is a noted grower, exhibitor and holds the national collection of camassia. She will bring plants for sale.

Wednesday 14th November:
Speaker: Paul Cook Curator, RHS Harlow Carr.
‘Gardening in a changing climate’.
Paul will discuss the evidence from a major scientific report about gardening in a changing climate and considers the implications for sustainable gardening and horticulture.

Wednesday 12 December:
Speaker: Pat Craven, Yarm and Cleveland Alpine Society.
‘Travels in Patagonia, flora and Fauna’.
Pat returns with more plant hunting exploits, this time in remote South America.

Charity raffle – festive drinks and nibbles to follow.



Wednesday 23rd January:
Speaker: Jim Moody from Stokesley.
‘Stewart Park, past, present and future?’.
Jim considers the history of the urban open space, current developments and future scenarios in a restrictive economic environment.

Wednesday 13th February:
Speaker: Dianne Nichol-Brown BSc, Trimdon Grange.
‘Plant pests and diseases’.
Diane will present the latest advice on control using organic methods. New hazards to look for as the growing environment changes.

Wednesday 13 March:
Speaker: Andy Bolton, Japanese Garden Society.
‘Japanese gardens and gardening’.
Andy will discuss Japanese gardening not only as a set of skills but also as a way of seeing and being.

Wednesday 10 April:
Speaker: Gail Summerfield Westshores, Winterton Lincs.
‘Planting companions’.
Nursery woman Gail returns with advice on plants to grow in association, as well as pollinators.

**Summer programme to follow: including an evening visit to Fir Trees Cottage, Stokesley with Helen Bainbridge.
More detailed information on speakers and topics will be provided in the monthly Newsletters.

All meetings at 7.30pm in Hutton Rudby Village Hall, the Johnson Room.

Annual subscription £12; Visitors £4; £5 December
New members and visitors are always welcome.
Contacts : Marian McDonald 780534, George Reid 700035,
Ron Pearce 701151, Jean Noble 700830, Jean Holmes 700448

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Committee membership:
Chairman: Ron Pearce
Deputy Chair: John Kay
Treasurer: Jean Noble
Programme Secretary: George Reid
Publicity: Marian McDonald and Mike Toogood.
RHS Liaison: Jean Holmes
Refreshment coordinator: Jenny Bromley

Garden Club donations to charity 2018
£50.00 to Helmsley Walled Garden and £50 to School India.