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The Garden Club meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm in the Johnson Room.
Each month we invite an expert to speak on a variety of gardening topics and we organise a number of garden outings.

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Wednesday 13th September

7.30 pm Club AGM

7.45 Peter Turton, Pickering
‘Welcome to the Park’
– Peter is a North York Moors Volunteer and former warden. He explores changing land use patterns, plant ecology, conservation matters. Peter has a special interest in the spread of invasive species not native to the area.

Wednesday 11th October
7.30 pm Hilary Dodson, Otley.
‘Top fruit, apples and pears’
Hilary chairs the Northern Fruit Group. On a previous visit, she discussed soft fruit growing and preserving. On this visit, how to develop and maintain a top fruit section in the garden. Which cultivars are best in northern gardens?

Wednesday 8th November
7.30 pm Martin Walker, Leeds
‘Vegetable growing in a small space’
Martin is a very experienced horticulturalist and show judge. Surprising results can be enjoyed even where space is very limited.

Wednesday 13th December
7.30 pm Helen Jones, Great Ayton.
‘A jeep trip in Sikkim for orchids and Lepchas’
Helen returns with more plant hunting exploits in exotic places. Helen hopes to have cards available to benefit her charity School Aid India.

Charity Raffle – Festive drinks and eats to follow. (Visitors £5)

Wednesday 17th January 2018
7.30pm Philip Orley, Hartlepool.
For some, the dahlia is the most influential garden plant of the last 50 years! Philip is a local grower and exhibitor. Expect to be dazzled by colour and range of flower, with perhaps some latest introductions available to buy.

Wednesday 14th February
7.30 pm Mark Jackson, Head Gardener, Newby Hall.
‘Highlights at Newby’
The extensive gardens at Newby are constantly changing and evolving through the seasons. Mark will demonstrate this process and suggest key things to look for.

Wednesday 14th March
7.30 pm Sarah Hopps, Sowerby, Thirsk.
‘Scaling down’
Is your garden getting too much? Sarah returns to our Club with a presentation on reducing workload while maintaining variety, colour and interest.

Wednesday 11th April
7.30 pm Paul Turner, Newby Wiske.
‘Growing and using culinary herbs’
Paul is a familiar figure at farmers’ markets locally, and increasingly at Harrogate Show. Gold medal winner! Here is what to grow, and how to make best use in culinary matters.

A Summer Programme of events is currently being planned – details soon!

All meetings at 7.30pm in Hutton Rudby Village Hall, the Johnson Room.

Annual subscription £12 Visitors £4
New members and visitors are always welcome.
Contacts : Marian McDonald 780534, George Reid 700035,
Ron Pearce 701151, Jean Noble 700830, Jean Holmes 700448

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Committee membership:
Chairman: Ron Pearce
Deputy Chair: John Kay
Treasurer: Jean Noble
Programme Secretary: George Reid
Publicity: Marian McDonald and Mike Toogood.
RHS Liaison: Jean Holmes
Refreshment coordinator: Jenny Bromley

Garden Club Donations to charity 2016-17
£90 was donated to The Wall Garden at Helmsley
£90 was donated to Horticap